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 The official start of a fight is when the bell is sounded for the first round. In the event of a result being read out incorrectly, bets will be settled on the corrected result. If a fight is deemed as "No Contest", "Technical Draw", "Split Draw", "Unanimous Draw" or "Majority Draw", all bets will be considered void except markets that have been unconditionally determined. 

If for any reason, the number of rounds in a fight have changed, all markets are void except for HH bets which will still have action. If a fight is postponed and the fight takes place more than 48hrs after the original date, all bets will be void. 

Settlement of bets is done from the following sources: UFC https://www.ufc.com/ ; Others: https://www.tapology.com/. The times stated for finishes in the above sources is the time elapsed in the round specified. 


Head to Head  

You are betting on the outcome of a fight, independent from the method of victory (Knock Out, Technical Knock Out or Points). In the event of a draw, all bets will be declared void and stakes returned. Bets will be settled on the official result announced in the ring. Subsequent appeals/amendments do not affect settlement unless the amendment was made due to human error when announcing the result. 


Total Rounds Over/Under 

 You are betting on whether the total number of rounds in the fight will be over or under the indicated spread. For settlement purposes, "Under 1.5" would win if the fight is finished before half of the second round has elapsed whereas "Over 1.5" would win if the fight finishes at any point beyond the halfway mark of the second round. Specifically for MMA, for the "Under 1.5" to win, the fight finishes at any point between the beginning of the first round and 2 minutes and 29 seconds into the second round and the "Over 1.5" wins if the fight reaches the 2 minutes and 30 seconds or beyond of Round 2. This applies respectively to other Over/Under rounds. If a fighter withdraws during the period between rounds, the fight is deemed to have ended in the previous round. If there is a change to the scheduled number of rounds, bets based on the number of rounds or referring to a specific round will be declared void. Bets which nominate ‘to win on points’ will be settled as winners only if the scheduled number of rounds have been completed. 


Winning Round 

 You are betting on which round the fight will be won in, either the fights ends in that round or a fighter doesn't answer the bell for the following round. 


Method of Victory 

 You are betting on which fighter will win in the specified way. 


Fight to go the Distance 

You are betting on whether the fight will be concluded in the full stated rounds. 


Winning in the First Minute  

This market is deemed to have won when a fight finishes before the first minute of Round 1, that is in the range of 0 to, and including 59 seconds. 


Significant Strikes Landed

You are betting on the number of Significant Strikes that are landed during a bout.  Significant Strikes are defined as “all strikes at distance and power strikes in the clinch and on the ground”. Bets will be settled via www.ufcstats.com.


Cross Sport Multi Rules

Predict if all the events within the Cross Sport special will occur. If one or more events within the special does not take place as scheduled, the bet will be deemed void for settlement purposes.